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        WHO ARE WE?

        AERA is a UK trade association for European rail travel which has an expanding membership of agents, railways, and rail professionals. We also provide information and advice to the public about booking Europan rail and on European rail holidays. We act on behalf of our members and the public to enact change on a wide range of issues, from accessibility, delays, and compensation through to the preservation of night services and ongoing investment into rail infrastructure. Click here to learn more


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        The ease of travelling to France by train

        By Trevor Garrod For over two decades I have organised group visits by train to the Continent, using the services of an AERA member, and had one such group booked to go to Montpellier in May 2020. Obviously the visit had to be postponed more than once, but almost all...

        Return to Stena

        It was April 1st when I made my first trip on the Harwich – Hoek van Holland ferry since 2020. Because of other commitments I found it convenient to stay the night in a hotel in Dovercourt and use the day sailing, coming back to England on the night sailing April...

        Night Trains Back on Track?

        AERA is in regular contact with Back-on-Track – a network of independent campaigns in many European countries for improved international services, especially night trains. Our Secretary (in an individual capacity) has taken part in their activities, including –by zoom...


        Read the latest tips about Crossing Paris, Deutsche Bahn’s recovery efforts and the situation for foot passengers on ferries.



        While you were sleeping, all Covid-19 requirements for entry to the UK ended.

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